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"An aspect of Strataframe that has impressed is the support. The Forum provides a means of not only raising technical questions on Strataframe, but also on how to best address a particular situation, with break outs into general programming philosophy or self deprecating humour not unusual. Responses come rapidly and in the rare cases where a bug is found, code fixes are provided very quickly. It is not just the Strataframe team that respond to questions, there is a lively community of developers that contribute to the discussions. It constantly amazes how much the Strataframe team know, and their insights are all the more valuable as they too are Strataframe users and can relate developer problems to the solutions they have used in their own applications. Frequently our morning starts with discussion on what has been happening on the Strataframe Forum, not just what technical issues were discussed, but what our distant friends have been up to and we use this as a learning experience for ourselves. "
- Peter Jones
Managing Directory Systems Engineering Pty Ltd Stirling, Australia

Are you ready for StrataFrame 2.0?
So are we and it is coming! The StrataFrame 2.0 process is officially underway and will be coming to a development environment near you. Click here to learn more about the roadmap and what you can expect.

Ready Out-Of-The-Box
As the StrataFrame community has rapidly grown around the world, so has the need for many of our pre-built components to be localized out-of-the-box.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Danish, Greek, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, and Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R and People's Republic of China)

Access Your Data from Anywhere!
The Smart-Client Enterprise Server is a tool which no developer can live without in this rapidly growing distributed work environment. The Enterprise Server allows your data to live in the cloud or on a dedicated remote server while your applications access it from virtually anywhere!
  • Incredibly Fast
  • Load Balancing Support
  • Transaction Support
  • Add a 3rd Tier with a Single Line of Code
  • Supports cloud based data models
  • and much, much, more...
* Live sample available within the trial download
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